Booking Anthony Day for your event

My aim is to make sustainability fun.
Yes, it’s a serious subject. Yes, it can be complex. Yes, in the wrong hands it can be boring.

My aim is to entertain.
I make people laugh to make them remember.

My aim is to make it relevant.
My keynote is tailored to your audience, your organisation, your industry. It’s tuned to the news of the day.

My aim is to help you make your event a success.

You can put me on the Agenda…

…in several different ways.

Option 1 – Live On Stage and In Person

The tried-and-tested face-to-face approach. Costs include a speaking fee plus travel from York and living expenses where necessary. I’m also available for consultancy.

Or – help me cut my travel, cut my carbon footprint and I’ll help you cut your costs!

Option 2 – Live Video Conference

A studio-quality interactive session. You get the people and set up the kit. I deliver the presentation for a reduced fee and no travel costs.

Option 3 – Live Webinar

Similar to the video conference, but suitable for audiences scattered over different locations. All they need is a laptop and internet connection. They get full benefit from the presentation, but there’s no travel time, limited time away from the job and no venue costs. I charge a reduced fee and no travel costs.

and coming soon…

Option 4 – Sustainability Works on DVD

This 45-minute presentation explains why sustainable business is good business. For only £49.95 you can put me on the screen to present the arguments. For a reduced speaking fee I can join your session by conference call and lead the discussion.

Additional Materials

Copies of these documents may be ordered for each delegate:

Sustainability Works (Kindle Edition)

An overview of the issues and why sustainable business is good business. (Available now.)

Will Climate Change Your Life?

An introduction to climate change, peak oil, resources and energy security. (Available now)

Coming soon…

The Contingency Planning Workbook

Contains templates for Impact/Probability Risk Assessment with modules for Finance, Sales and Marketing, PR, Production and HR. Consolidated planning sheets, Gantt Chart and Timeline. Guide to Implementation and Training. Scope for recording periodic updates to assumptions, plans and training.

Scenario Planning Kit

A workbook for the “Planning to Survive” course. Builds on the key factors identified and quantified at the contingency planning stage but adds Fifth Column Factors (FCFs) (threats and opportunities which do not have immediate effects but can build up over time with overwhelming consequences). Guide to scenario scripting and timescale selection. Methodology for ranking the business model against the chosen scenarios in terms of relevance, robustness, sustainability and returns. Optimistic v Least Worst solutions. Framework for action. Revision record.

On-line interactive planning tools and the FCF smartphone app

Scheduled for launch in Q3-13.