The Green Supply Chain Workshop

  • Designed to enable your management team to identify and rank key short-term risks and threats to the business. We look at the supply chain in both directions: upstream to your suppliers, downstream to your customers. We look for evidence of weakest links – risk factors that could damage your suppliers – or your customers.
  • The workshop includes a basic financial sensitivity analysis, enabling you to quantify the effects of cost savings, price changes and volumes. A detailed financial model is provided, which you can use independently or as part of a supplementary workshop.
  • The workbook is available on line and can be used on PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Hard copies can be printed as required.
  •  The workshop lays the foundations for:
    • Designing a disaster recovery plan
    • Setting up an organisation-wide contingency training programme
    • Establishing a regular review process.
  • This module is customised to your requirements and can be delivered as a half-day or full-day workshop, a series of workshops or masterclasses. The video description of the workshop is here.